World Franchise Council - WFC


Note of caution: the acronym “WFC” is used by another organization involved with the commercial development of franchising, notably in the Middle East and Golf area. This organization has nothing to do with the community of the World Franchise Council nor the EFF and its activities are not endorsed by either the World Franchise Council or the EFF.

The WORLD FRANCHISE COUNCIL (WFC) is the single world-wide Federation that brings together accredited national and supranational franchise associations from the various regions of the world. It was founded in 1995 by the following Full Founding Members:

Argentinean Franchise Association, Franchisors Association of Australia & New Zealand, Austrian Franchise Association*, Belgian Franchise Association*, Brazilian Franchise Association, British Franchise Association*, Canadian Franchise Association, Czech Franchise Association*, Danish Franchise Association*, European Franchise Federation, French Franchise Federation*, German Franchise Association*, Hong Kong Franchise Association, Hungarian Franchise Association*, International Franchise Association (USA), Italian Franchise Association*, Japanese Franchise Association, Malaysian Franchise Association, Mexican Franchise Association, Netherlands Franchise Association*, Portuguese Franchise Association*, Singapore Franchise Association, Franchise Association of Southern Africa, Swedish Franchise Association*, Spanish Franchise Association*.

* members of the EFF

Today it counts 43 national franchise associations from North, Central and South America, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe (EFF members), Turkey & Lebanon.

Its purpose is to offer the opportunity, twice a year, for these franchise associations to meet on a level playing field to essentially agree on common terms of reference and standards regarding the meaning of franchising and its practice, to share information and national experiences, to express views on matters of interest and of concern to the franchise industry, nationally and/or internationally and when necessary, to adopt common statements to relevant authorities (national and/or international).

WFC member associations commit, on joining, to respect and promote the WFC’s PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS WFC Principles of Ethics.pdf
Membership to the WFC is criteria-based and candidate national associations go through an accreditation process. Only one association per country is admissible.
For further information, please visit the WFC’s website.

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