Motivations for choosing franchising

Some motivations for opting to develop or join a franchise business.
 Franchisor  Franchisee
 To develop and roll out a business format/system which will be sold for a regular fee to independent operators  To be able to start a business without having to start from scratch alone while being an independent entrepreneur; being in the business “for yourself but not by yourself”
To develop the business with the added input of franchisee capital which increases the possibilities for the franchiser of rapid expansion of the system  To buy into a system which, in principle, has been tested; proven successful in the given circumstances;
To develop the business in locations beyond the franchiser’s natural boundaries of business (new and international markets)
 To gain immediate access to a market via the right to use the franchiser’s brand or trademark and to benefit from customers attracted to the brand
 To develop a business in which the franchiser has his specific duties and obligations and the franchisees their own  To benefit from the transfer of know-how and assistance during the term of the contract
   Buying into an existing and branded business can enhance the survivability of a new franchised business in the first crucial years after start-up.

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